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Jennie J. DeBusk is an Idaho desert native, an artist with a passion for clean design and colorful aesthetics. She began working on large scale murals in high school, assisting on several murals in downtown Mountain Home. In academic studies at Boise State University, she found her love for printmaking and the freedom allowed when working in multiples. Highly influenced by the Pop Art Movement’s subtle cultural commentary and bright, clean compositions, her work tends to be patterned with political undertones. She won the Boise Mural Project’s popular vote in 2010 for her spray painted mural featuring old fashioned bicyclists. She has created several murals in Freak Alley in the past few years and plans to be a participant for years to come. Currently, Jennie is working on a chandelier collection to correspond with her latest collections of large, vibrant paintings and works as a graphic designer and website developer in downtown Boise.